Songs That Make You Smile

Deborah Malena & Garth Phillipsen

Smile! You are about to partake in a "Hot Dish" of nostalgic comfort food for the soul...

Deborah Malena Phillipsen and husband Garth Phillipsen have a mission to keep "Old Hymns and Her's" alive and kicking! Deborah and Garth come from two opposite spectrums in their musical journeys. Deborah was trained classically (but don’t hold that against her) and taught and directed music for many years. Garth started in the Gospel field and ended up making a living in the secular arena. He has played guitar for many country greats including Cliffie Stone, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Tex Williams and Stuart Hamblen.

Together the opera singer and the hillbilly have blended their talents together to make music like no other. The message is of grace and truth, the style is unique, mellow and sometimes downright quirky. You can hear the many influences that Debbie grew up with in her writings. i.e. Bossa nova, southern gospel, 60s folk, 70s rock and even Tin Pan Alley sounds of the 20s and 30s.

They come together in a hot dish (Deb has midwest roots) of nostalgic comfort food for the soul. We call it....Ta Dah! Pacific Gospel!!!

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