Psalm Sundae

Deborah Malena & Garth Phillipsen

If you're a "Boomer", enjoy a walk down memory lane. If you're younger, dig the retro. Enjoy this tasty collection of songs (old hymns and her's) based on the Psalms & sprinkled with the the sounds reminiscent of the Carpenters, Johnny Cash & Elvis.

Psalm Sundae (Old Hymns and Hers) is another wild and crazy project of the Hillbilly and the Opera Singer! Garth, an experienced former nightclub performer and Deborah a classically trained musician pair together for once again another adventure in making an album. (They are also married and spend an awful lot of time together). Garth plays guitar in whatever style is needed, but is a master of "Travis" picking. He also has an amazing vocal range. He sings alto to bass. You can hear him shine as he sings a low E flat below low C at the end of Precious Lord, number 7 and a DOUBLE LOW C at the end of You Hold Me and You Rock Me number 4. Deborah plays bass, keys, claps and snaps and plays Musical Saw on Mansion over the Hilltop, number 5. Vocally she has been compared to the mellow sound of Karen Carpenter. They are joined by Chet McCrackem of the a Doobie Brothers, engineering, "percussioning" and joint producing. Tom Tally on Viola and Micah McConnaughy on Euphonium add the frosting on the cake. The writings of Deborah are interspersed with some old time favorite hymns and songs. Why even Garth wrote a song for this album. It is a beautiful guitar solo, Angel's Lullaby. The messages of the Psalms are presented in a comfortable yet meaningful way filled with light and hope. It's hard to define their sound. One minute you are listening to a 60's Brazilian Bossa Nova version of Psalm 1 witnessing how to have a happy life on earth and the next song "Elvis" is singing about the glory train taking him to his heavenly home AND before you know it, Andy and Barney are singing on the back porch. You just need to sit back and let the sounds and words fill you with peace and fun.
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