Old Hymns and Hers

Deborah Malena & Garth Phillipsen

Remember when music of faith was just that? Here again are those simple truths put to music that is comforting to your soul. Deborah’s music along with traditional hymns will bring you back to the innocence of your youth, sitting in church with your folks

*About Old Hymns and Hers Old Hymns and Hers is a collection of traditional hymns and some of Deborah’s songs of hope and praise. The overall feeling of the album is one of nostalgia and comfort. Deborah’s songs range is style from folk to dixieland to old time gospel and beyond. Garth joins her as a vocalist and fingerstyle guitar talents that are second to none. Together Deborah and Garth have a magic mix that continues to surprise and delight the listener with many different styles and traditional sounds. From high heavenly floating melodies to rich bass singing, enjoyment abounds. You never know what to expect next whether it’s Deborah’s musical saw, Garth’s Meryl Travis style pickin’ or a dixieland horn band featuring Micah McConnaughy one of the rising stars in the brass scene. Tom Tally’s viola and vioin talents never cease to amaze.

With some of the best musicians in town this album is one that will surely become one of your favorite gospel albums. World Renowned Herb Pedersen, John Hobbs, J.D. Manness, Chet McCracken, Chris Pinnick, are just a few of the amazing musicians who helped make this album what it is. Cliffie Stone, Ray Ruff and Brian Friedman had their hand in the producing end as well as the artists themselves.

*A Few Words From Deborah I love to “sing a new song”, but I never want to forget the hymns of my youth that nurtured me and now fill my spirit with warm sweet memories. It brings to mind a true story of a prisoner of war in isolation who kept his sanity and hope alive by singing and resinging every hymn he learned in church and sunday school.

Where did all these hymns come from? Who wrote them? From the pens of slave traders, pastors, housewives and even clowns come some of the most beautiful and meaningful songs of faith.

To quote a famous man,(my dad) “The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.” I believe that the Good Lord speaks to those He chooses to write his messages in song. The chosen are not always the most pure or “religious”, but come from all walks of life.
(p.s. A clown wrote, “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” track 7)

Love you all. Deborah Soli Deo Gloria

*A Few Words about Deborah and Garth Deborah Malena, a southern California native has been a professional musician and singer most of her life. Once a teacher, she has done studio work, and has performed all over the world. She was the music director at a church in the San Fernando valley for many years. Deborah worked with country hall of fame member, Cliffie Stone and producer, Ray Ruff. She has sung on two of Pat Boone albums. Deborah plays bass, keyboards and musical saw. She began writing gospel songs about 10 years ago. Deborah has four sons Matthew, Joel, Micah and Benjamin, two dogs and a great husband, Garth, who is also her guitarist. Garth Phillipsen, born in Oregon, raised in southern California, and Alaska also made his living in the music field. As a young man, he performed with a gospel trio in California, then with his father performing and ministering to the native Alaskans for the Salvation Army. He then played in nightclubs, restaurants and Las Vegas. He too worked with Cliffie Stone and Ray Ruff. Garth had the opportunity to perform with many great musicians, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Stuart Hamblin, Tex Williams, the original champagne lady, Roberta Lynn and Molly Bee to name a few. Together, Deborah and Garth have a music ministry and a burning desire to spread God’s word. As a songwriter, Deborah writes in many different styles. Most of the songs the Lord gives her are filled with hope and peace. Enjoy, be filled and spread the Good News...


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