Can You Hear Me Now?

Deborah Malena

An earthy acoustic blend of music with a message of hope and grace.

Deborah Malena, a southern California native has been a professional musician and singer most of her life. Currently, she is involved in studio work, live concerts, and has performed all over the world. Deborah worked with country hall of fame member, Cliffie Stone and producer, Ray Ruff. She has sung on two of Pat Boones' albums. Deborah plays bass, keyboards and musical saw. She has four sons, two dogs and a great husband, Garth, who is also her guitarist.

During the struggles and storms of living in the world, she has been blessed with a powerful faith. Her musical witness communicates God’s amazing truths filled with grace and peace.

Deborah as a song writer has discovered that the Lord really does choose the most unsuspecting, unworthy,and least likely of His children to spread His message. She found that through the struggles of her own personal life, God was whispering messages of hope. She started writing down the words that God was speaking to her and the words became songs and the songs became messages

Through the songs that she has written, she has been able to pass on the hope to all who are hurting. Knowing that music is a universal language, God has used Deborah and her music to speak to those who perhaps would not otherwise listen Through her testimony and performance, she is a witness and a living example of one who still struggles with daily living, but knows without question that God is carrying her through it all.

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